Taking words and making them sing your song. That’s what we do at Carerra Ink.  Email campaigns. Results-oriented web content. Articles and blogs for publication in print or online. Consumer-oriented communication. Speaker sheets.

Eliminating the worry of getting your word out is what I do.

What do you need? I can help.

As a writer and content creator, I develop engaging print and web content about people, projects and products connected to life balance, consulting, speakers/coaches and spirituality.

Here’s how I can help you:

What We Do


Your audience needs to hear from you consistently. Putting out a blog on a regular basis will ensure that you don’t lose touch with your most cherished asset – your clients.


Speaker Services

There are tools that speakers need to keep their client funnel full. One of the most important is setting up speaking events that sing! You need to have someone working with you who understands the process of researching and promoting an event.


Client Retention

Connecting the dots. Creating ongoing programs/campaigns to ensure your clients – past, present and future – all stay engaged and excited about your products or services.


Website Content

What’s your biggest worry? Making sure you have clients who can find you, clearly understand your message and ultimately close a sale with you, right? Web content that converts is key for your business. Let’s optimize your site so that your people can find you.


Editorial Services

Words. We all use them – and I can make yours shine. Let me help you deliver polished products that make clients sit up and pay attention.


Blog Articles

I’ll write well-researched, well-crafted articles about the topics in your wheelhouse (life coaching, spirituality, self-care, lifestyle subjects etc.) I’ll also type articles for your organization’s blog or website to demonstrate your expertise. And I use an editor-friendly approach to collaboration: I’ll hit your deadlines and word counts, and follow up without being pesky.

Website Content

I perform Content Audits to ensure your site is effective, cohesive and consistent. I create content to guide clients with messaging that spotlights the brilliance of your work. Writing so that you attain measurable results within search engines. And create compelling online content including e-newsletters, that will be opened, read, and enjoyed by your readers every time. If you just need a polish on your existing copy – that’s great. Sometimes you just need a little extra oomph to get your words over the hill.

Speaker Services

Carerra Ink performs speaker event research, ensuring that you are put in front of the audiences you serve best and who can best serve your skills. I take the task off your desk, so you can concentrate on what you do best. I write and/or edit presentations for your speaker venture opportunities.

Editorial Services

I’m raising my hand here! I know you can’t see it, but just pretend, okay? Content editing and proofreading that will take existing messages to the next level (and prevent embarrassing typos) are like candy to me. Really!

Communication audits are designed to analyze the effectiveness, consistency and cohesiveness of your messaging – all throughout your branding.

Client Retention

Once your event is over – and after you’ve rested your vocal cords – I’m ready and waiting to create email campaigns for sales/nurturing of your client post-event.  This includes consultations on content planning, processes and implementation. Let’s get them in your sales funnel and into your system.

Custom Services

There are so many things you may want that you haven’t even thought through yet. eBooks, ghostwriting, sales letters, etc. All help tell your unique story.

If you think of it, we can work through how to make it happen. Your success is my success. I want to make you sing!

Any writing needs you may have... she is the bomb!

“Camille Parker has a knack for taking your words and adding flair to paint the picture of what you were truly trying to convey. She is exceptionally talented at crafting messages that are concise, eloquent and professional. I would highly recommend Camille for any writing needs you may have… she is the bomb!”

Tasha Beckman
Mama Bear Team Realtor

Capture your voice and meet deadlines!

“Camille is a talented copywriter who knows how to write sales copy, capture your voice and meet deadlines. We get great results with Camille’s copy.”

Natalie Gowen
Creative Director, Moxie Tonic Marketing

My Collaborative Process

Together, we can make your brand’s personality sing in so many ways. That’s a little vague, huh? Here are some specifics about how we can work together. If you need something that isn’t listed, no worries at all! Just give me a shout and I’ll provide you with an estimate based on your needs. This is a relationship. We’ll discuss the scope of your project, your timeline, your audience and your budget. If we agree to work together, I’ll provide a Scope of Work document that confirms the deadlines, deliverables and fee.

Phase 1 of any project involves research. This research may involve interviewing you, your customers, analyzing your market, scoping out your competitors and discussing your goals with you. I’ll compile this research and share it with you; we’ll agree to use this as the basis for any projects we need it for.

Phase 2 involves developing the first draft of the project. You’ll review and offer feedback.

In Phase 3, I’ll revise and refine and deliver the final version of the project.

You bring your ideas – I’ll do the rest (shape ideas, ask questions, pull information out). To keep you on track: We talk on the same day of each month. Writing – I do it all for you, with your voice, your brand personality, and for your audience.

**Oh, yeah: about the money stuff (we’re all adults, so we can discuss this confidently). As a matter of practice, client projects are invoiced in three segments: one-third when we agree to begin a project, one third upon delivery of the first draft and one third upon submission of the final copy. For on-going projects (blogs, etc.) you’ll be invoiced once a month.

How can I help you? Schedule a free consult below and we’ll work it out.

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