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I write in my sleep. Seriously. I have been known to take the little pad of paper on my nightstand and write on it in the dead of night. And when I wake up? I have a new blog idea, or strategy for someone, or sometimes just a weird dream reference.

You get the idea. I think up how words go together either awake or asleep. They mean that much to me. Here are some for you to check out…

Fruit is your Friend

  FOODIE BLOG POST SAMPLE Fruit is your Friend   Camille Parker, Senior Writer, Denver August 1, 2018 We all have those moments, don’t we? The moment of indecision at night while watching a television show or reading that book you’ve been meaning to get to...

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Gazpacho A Twist on Soup Night

  FOODIE BLOG POST SAMPLE Gazpacho A Twist on Soup Night   Camille Parker, Senior Writer, Denver July 25, 2018 When I was a child, a friend’s mother was fond of making soups. All kinds of soups: hearty, light, tangy, salty, full of vegetables, full of meat....

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Positive Food Connections

FOODIE BLOG POST SAMPLE Positive Food Connections Camille Parker, Senior Writer, Denver July 18, 2018 We hear all the time that we have an unhealthy relationship with food. Don’t you hate hearing that? Because it makes us feel like a failure for enjoying nature’s...

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