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Hi! I’m Camille.

I am a Writer and Editor with more than 25 years of experience, primarily business or marketing-based.

I can write content that is concise and crisp or creative and catchy. I note grammatical errors in all things that I read, and it keeps my editing skills on task. I love working on content driven items, including blogs, articles, books, and web pages.

I believe that anyone who cares about writing for a living, be it freelance, corporate or personal, knows that they will do anything to make sure that the hook is set to reel in the customer. Bringing money and clients in the door is the ultimate catch for you. And delivering the product to my client – you – on time and within your scope of the budget is my forte. My keyboard is ready to write for you.

I have a passion for volunteerism and a servant’s heart. I am involved with community relations in my area, feeding the homeless, PTSD awareness and women’s education and empowerment.

I can help you.


01. Strategic

By giving your best self you’re better able to serve others. When you do things with your business that aren’t in your sweet spot – or zone – your clients and your business suffer. Using strategy to leverage how best to use your time is where I can help you. I take the writing off your desk, so you can shine in the best way possible. Working strategically to engage your audience is something we will work through, so you are both served. How can writing help you get your word out to your clients – past, current or potential? How can you convert this into sales?

Let me show you how…

02. Professional

At Carerra Ink, my sole mission is to help you help others. That’s it. It’s truly that simple. I take the writing off your desk, so you can focus on helping your clients in a manner that serves them and serves you best. The best use of your time is getting in front of your clients in a way that only you can do. I want you to shine. That’s my purpose. That’s who I am. And I make who you are look good to the public.

03. Authentic

Your audience needs to hear from you regularly. They need to know you care. Writing a blog or other marketing content on a regular basis will ensure that you don’t lose touch with your most cherished asset – your clients. You want your clients to be loyal to you, yes? Loyalty comes from being real – and authentic. I take the time to interview and have a relationship with you in order to represent you in the most authentic way. I will show clients how much you care about them.

Content Matters

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Small businesses with blogs get an astounding 126% more lead growth than small businesses without.

126%   – Let that sink in.

A whopping 77% of internet users read blogs regularly. Combine that statistic with the fact that small businesses see more lead growth. Now we’re onto something.


Blog Readers

Our Team

Meet Camille

Thank you so much for stopping by to learn a little more about me and what makes Carerra Ink so special.

I’ve spent my life – and career – helping people achieve goals. I have learned a thing or two about people, their motivations and how to bring them along so their results are exactly what they want them to be.

I have a servant’s heart. That means I tap into how to make the world easier, better and more balanced for everyone I can. I am someone who asks you many questions and causes you to think deeply about your story and how you want it played out. Your story + your sales = your success.

It won’t always be easy, but it WILL help your success. If you truly want to help people with your products and services, I am here to write your story.

Camille Parker



What We Do Best


It’s educational, entertaining and/or inspirational writing to connect you to your audience. Blogs bring people to you. I help create blogs because you don’t have time.  Learn More

Speaker Services

Tools that speakers need to keep their client funnel full. One of the most important is speaking events that sing! You need to have someone working with you who understands the process of researching and writing/editing presentations and promotional material for events that will leave your audience in awe. Learn More

Client Retention

Connecting the dots. Creating ongoing email programs/campaigns to ensure your clients – past, present and future – all stay engaged and excited about your products or services. Learn More

Website Content

What’s your biggest worry? Making sure you have clients who can find you, clearly understand your message and ultimately close a sale with you, right? Web content that converts is key for your business. Let’s optimize your site so that your people can find you. Learn More

Editing Services

Words. We all use them – and I can make yours shine. Let me help you deliver polished products that make clients sit up and pay attention. Learn More

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