Want to know the Best Way to be sure you attract and keep customers online?

My 5 Reasons Hiring A Copywriter Grows Your Business Guide gives you the steps to speak directly to your clients through online content writing.

The Struggle Is Real . . .

Every day we aim to move our business forward to help people. Stop beating yourself up. There is only one of you. We all need help to do the things that sometimes get left behind in the dust. What is your struggle? How can writing help you get your word out to your clients – past, current or potential?

Let me show you how…

Is this your typical day?

  • Client Appointments
  • Answer Emails
  • Phone Calls
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Social Media
  • Personal Time
  • Blogging

How I Help

My mission at Carerra Ink is to help you. I write for you, so you can focus on spending time with your clients.

I write for you in your voice. You can think of me as a recorder of your thoughts – your viewpoint will be put on a web page, blog, newsletter, email, etc. and when you connect with people, they will feel as if they already know you.


Your audience needs to hear from you consistently. Putting out website content on a regular basis will ensure that you don’t lose touch with your most cherished asset – your clients.

Speaker Services

When you need to speak either as a regular part of your service offering or as an opportunity to increase your reach in the marketplace, let me help you. I have an extensive background in event management and research. Speaking to the right audience is your sweet spot. Getting you in front of them is mine.

Client Retention

After the high has worn off from your speaking engagement, the real work starts, correct? After the contact information is set up, the email campaign begins. It is as important as the tips you gave them during your talk.

If you need someone to take that stress off your desk, contact me. I create email sales funnel campaigns to ensure your name is not forgotten and you close the sale.

Website Content

A business website is a calling card. A song you sing so the audience – potential clients – knows you are out there waiting for them. I audit websites, refresh and update web pages and show you how to see the site through your client’s eyes. Eyes you want to sparkle and shine with the excitement of working with you.

Editorial Services

I love to edit and proofread. I know I’m weird like that. I want the best impression of you to shine. Marketing is tied to impressions. Most of the time, your client/audience’s first contact will be in writing. Either a blog, newsletter, email, speaker sheet, book, article, etc. Do you want to stand out? Or have them cringe at the errors in your documents? I want you to shine! To make the best impression you can, be it the first or fiftieth time they’ve received a message from you.

About Us

Hi! I’m Camille and I’m a writer. I always have been and always will be. It took me a while to know that I can best serve others by writing and researching for them. Bringing 30 years of corporate experience in various industries to the table, I use those skills to now write for you. I tell stories that need and want to be told about you – the speaker, consultant, coach, business owner.
I write about people and their purpose. And about real life. And how they cross paths and merge. Your story is the one I want to pen because I know it needs to be read. You have gifts to give the world and I want to share them for you. I collaborate with marketing teams and creatives to create the best story and materials for your business and brand. Let’s do this.

Custom Services

There are always projects that don’t fit in an easy slot. Let’s figure out how to make what you need created sparkle and shine.

Get in Touch

Need to get your words out to the world? Give me a call, drop me an email or fill out the form and Let’s Talk.

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5 Reasons Hiring a Copywriter Grows Your Business


The Point-by-Point Guide to Keeping Online Customers

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